Datamatics Culture Exchange Programme

Datamatics Culture Exchange Programme

“More than half of offshore programs fail due to cultural and communications issues” Half of offshoring programmes fail to deliver their intended value, the biggest reason for this is Cultural awareness and breakdown in communication. At Datamatics we believe’s in the importance of understanding cultural differences, no matter how challenging they may be, and with our tailored solutions, provide SME’s the resources to manage relationships and bridge the cultural divide. Datamatics Group believe’s in a fresh approach to managing offshore projects, rather than simply going by the general rules of engagement, we prefer to build an effective outsourced team, breaking down the communication barriers and allowing cross cultural understanding from day one.

  • Training all offshore teams to understand Western and European Business Etiquette
  • Promote and deal with any communications issues positively and effectively
  • Enhance ongoing working relationships

 Why Datamatics Cultural Exchange Program…. In today’s economy, every company and organisation is struggling to do more with less, and performance is paramount to continued operation and growth. Datamatics understands the challenges small & large companies face when looking for an offshore partner, we our commitment to ensuring low cost without risking deliverables, more importantly continued smooth operation without down time.

  • Quick Transition – start up from as little as 5 person team
  • Regional based projects managers – who understand local work cultures and ethics
  • Offshore team working to local time – always available
  •  Daily Scrum meetings via video – get to know your team

As a Consultancy &recruitment based company for over 10 years, we have a meticulous interview and screening process for all offshore assets ensuring you only work with the best at all times.