“Work with a partner you can trust”

Our focus on working with agencies is to develop a strong trusting relationship through our efficient and most importantly, compliant, Umbrella Payroll service.
If you work in the temporary recruitment business, you’ll need a payroll partner who you can rely on to ensure contractors are properly set up, ready to work and correctly paid without delay.
Our service caters to both large and small agencies so no matter the size of your workforce, you can be rest assured your requirements will be dealt with in an efficient manner that puts the needs of your workforce at the forefront.

Benefit’s you receive working with us…!!!

HMRC Compliance

We will run training sessions and seminars for updates on any upcoming changes in legislation. Our solutions are all HMRC compliant and we are specialists in assessing Supervision, Direction & Control (SDC).

Fast & efficient registration process

All we need is your contractors name and number and we will do the rest.

All contractors fully insured

Employer Liability, Public Liability & Professional Indemnity

Tailored margins & processes

We work with our partner agencies to identify best working practices and tailor margins.

Advice and guidance

We will ensure that we provide all agencies with expert advice that’s up-to-date on tax, compliance, and industry-specific legislation.