Product Development

Product Development

As software product companies prepare for future growth and expansion, they often face challenges in constant innovation, product portfolio maintenance, technology evolution, cost control and shorter product development lifecycles.
The systems we develop are made up of a number of different components. We understand every system is different, as a company we are very process-driven and rigorous in our development procedures – this ensures the systems do exactly what has been specified and are reliable with a lot of ground work done to analyse and design the systems to be efficient.
We supply highly skilled teams of software engineers that will help you turn your ideas into real software requirements and best technical solutions.
Our software development service allows you to initiate product development outsourcing easily and securely, whether it’s a team of three dedicated developers or a full team to a complete BPO, within a short period of time. We offer flexible engagement models that will fit perfectly into your way of working.
With Full lifecycle service involving working with you the customer at each stage of product development. Our capabilities include competitive analysis, research & technical consulting, prototyping, design, development, QA & testing, documentation, release management, maintenance and ongoing technical support.

Our services meet your requirements by providing:

  • A cost-effective offshore system to supplement and enhance you existing team
  • Best-practice development methods to provide higher development and faster
  • Efficient communication with all teams, from dedicated project managers to developers and testers
  • Excellent project management and progress visibility, using our Bespoke Project Management Tool (What is the name of the PM Tool)
  • Use of comprehensive testing and auditing tools
  • Use of frameworks and methodologies to ensure consistency of deliverables

Project Tracking & Management

Datamatics PMS 2.0 brings up to date management to the entire development process.
Datamatics provides these strongly coordinated services through a dedicated Offshore Development Center (ODC) set up for the customer. We works as a seamless extension of the customer’s team, incorporating the customer’s development processes into a global development environment as part of the cultural exchange program.