Offshore Testing Centre

Offshore Testing Centre

Datamatics Group runs an Offshore Testing Centre in India which has a pool of qualified/talented software testing professionals.

One of key challenges facing software development managers today is to reduce the cost of developing and testing software while maintaining consistent quality. Offshore Testing is particularly attractive because of their lower cost structures.

Datamatics Group’s Offshore Testing Center (ODTC) combines the cost advantages available offshore with the convenience, communication and security you expect from UK Onshore teams.

We manage communications with our offshore resources using established high-speed physical channels. You will receive the status and defect reports you define for your project each day, just as with projects conducted in on-shore and on-site. Datamatics Group Off-Shore Test Centre handles all import/export and Customs issues and documentation.

Benefits of using Datamatics Group Offshore Test Centre:

  • Cost efficiencies: created by competitive labor rates in India are multiplied when combined with cost savings from process automations developed in the UK. Savings up to 100% or more compared with UK QA costs.
  • High standards of quality: Mature standard practices for operations management, including change management, guarantee the highest standards of reliability are delivered.
  • ransparency to our customers: To resolve issues, our customer’s access UK based resources
  • Full capabilities in the UK: Data located in safe and secure data centers based in the UK
  • Flexible cost model
  • Quick ramp-up of QA resources as necessary
  • Hard-to-find skill sets readily available
  • 24-7 testing
  • Client satisfaction
  • Mitigate Risk: Allow Datamatics Group off-shore test centre as your outsourcing partner to absorb a portion of the risk involved with staffing multiple projects with a variety of requirements and timelines.
  • Low overhead for training new staff.
  • Reduced management overhead