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Mobile Application Development

Comprehensive Mobile Solutions

As a mobile application development company, we at Datamatics Group have garnered large amount of knowledge and expertise on leveraging mobile phones as delivery end points. In today’s world, mobile application development has become a game-changer for businesses all over the globe. Whether it’s a web portal that you needs to be made mobile friendly, an e-commerce site that has to be transformed into a native app, an idea for a gaming application that you believe could become the next big thing or porting an existing mobile application to another client platform – our mobile practice can help you make it happen. Our strong UI/UX design capabilities together with the spectrum of technologies and platforms we work on – be it iOS, Android, J2ME, HTML5 or Node.JS – enable us to carry out mobile application development to a wide range of industries and sectors.

Mobile Applications

Custom mobile application development focused on your consumers, team members or other stakeholders can be a considerable value-add to your brand. We bring to the table cross-platform mobile application development and UI/UX capabilities. These capabilities allow us to create powerful and intuitive B2B and B2C applications that address the needs of your target audience. While we have worked extensively on mobile application development for Android and iOS platforms using native as well as HTML5 technologies, our expertise is goes beyond these platforms.

Enterprise Mobility

With more professionals using their mobile devices to access the internet, the ability to provide web-based services on the mobile platform becomes vital. We have vast experience integrating a variety of services onto the mobile platform while preserving the original features and ensuring security.

Mobile SDKs

Developing SDKs has been our forte. We have helped ISVs create platform and application specific SDKs for their down-stream development.

Porting Solutions

The dynamic nature of mobile space brings forth new platforms and formats frequently. We, as a mobile application development company have developed extensive processes to port applications across different platforms efficiently. This, in turn, eliminates the issue of limited compatibility for your applications.

Mobile Games

There is no better way to engage customers than with an entertaining game. And we as a mobile application development company have a gamut of ideas on how to do that. Our game development services include puzzles, role play, 3D, racing games and much more.

Mobile Websites

A mobile website can expand your reach among your target audience manifold. Development of a mobile website is face with a variety of constraints. The most challenging of them is providing a seamless browsing experience to the end user of the mobile website. At Datamatics Group, we thrive on creating responsive design for applications that can adapt to different form factors and give the user a smooth browsing experience.

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