Offshore Development Centre

Offshore Development Centre

Some small & medium sized software companies may require small dedicated teams to support their businesses which are supposed to be cost efficient and small-sized. With near agile approach, DM’s Mini ODC service could solve these problems.

Mini ODC features cost efficiency and flexible team structure:

“Near Agile” process

  • On the basis of meeting the client’s outsourcing requirement, we equip the team with engineers of high and low levels to reduce the cost.
  • Flexible “1 + N” team structure (1 lead developer + N developers/testers + 1 free consultant) for quality assurance.

DM Guarantees

  • 40 man hours free trial to help start the co-operation smoothly.
  • Cost of the latest iteration (2 weeks at most) will be waived if client is not satisfied with it and indicate it within 1 week.
  • Contract can be canceled within 10 working days after the contract is signed by the client.
  • If for any reason, team member needs to be switched, we offer 20 working days knowledge transfer period free of charge for the leader, and 10 working days for the engineer. (Staff turnover rate in 2007 was 7%).

What is “Near Agile” development

Near agile is a unique development method adopted in DM Mini ODC. We follow the Agile principles, modifying it to fit our clients’ needs.
Small iterations – We deliver stable sections by short iterations. System identifying, development and test are included in the iteration. Short iteration enables us to reduce defects and to response rapidly in an incremental development process. Quick demo/working software deliveries – It enables to verify the correctness of requirement understanding, to represent real progress, to verify and improve system architecture, and to identify potential risks and defects at early stage.
We value the factor of communication in our working.Project Management System(PMS) is a powerful tool we use to support daily communication. Clients are welcome to visit our office for face to face meetings.
Consultant plays an essential role in defining a fit cooperation process, identifying potential risks and providing valuable solution throughout our cooperation.