Customer Owned Offshore Development Centre

Customer Owned Offshore Development Center

At Datamatics Group , we understand the difference between project-based offshoring and product-based offshoring. In a typical project-based scenario, an Offshore Development Center provides you with software engineers that work on your project in close collaboration with the home team. The software engineers can be moved to different customer teams as and when the need arises.


Imagine this happening in a product-based scenario! You will have to deal with new software engineers and groom them all over again each time there is an outward movement in the team. This may have an adverse impact on your product roadmap, since you may not have the same set of software engineers throughout your product life cycle. It gets further complicated if you are developing with niche technologies where it is difficult to find quality talent.

This brings in the need to have dedicated teams for developing a software product. It is equally important for you to be in complete control of your team to ensure optimum performance and timely delivery with high quality.

Datamatics Group’s Customer Owned Offshore Development Center in India is uniquely conceptualized to meet your product development requirements in a cost effective manner. The main objective of the Customer Owned Offshore Development Center is to help you expand your operations with the help of dedicated teams. The teams are completely owned and managed by you. Our complete focus would be on providing a quality offshoring experience based on transparency and cultural alignment.

Datamatics Group facilitates in setting up the team with the right talent and expertise in different domains of software engineering. We also help you in recruiting niche talent, specifically trained to work in a distributed product development environment. The Customer Owned Offshore Development Center enables you to meet your product development goals at reduced time to market and operational costs.

Dedicated team

We ensure that the team is set up with minimum lead time and you have complete control in managing the team at every stage of the product life cycle. Datamatics Group helps you achieve seamless integration of the team with the core team by implementing the attract, retain, grow to acquire quality talent and maintain low attrition levels.

Smart work environment

The Customer Owned Offshore Development Center is equipped with world-class infrastructural facilities that help you accelerate your team performance and main high quality standards. The environment is perfectly suitable for the team members to adopt innovative practices, think out of the box, and share new ideas. Our ICT network is equipped with the latest tools and technology to keep the teams connected for hassle-free communication anytime, anywhere.

Quality performance

Datamatics Group addresses your concerns on quality by following rigorous processes in every stage of the offshoring process. While setting up the dedicated teams, we recruit the best in class talent to meet your unique requirements. Our agile practices have built-in quality checks at every stage that reduce iterations and deliver a high quality product. Since you would be single point of control, you could monitor the work and ensure that there are no deviations from quality standards.

Reduced time to market

You could scale up your R&D and accelerate product development by adopting agile methodologies. This will certainly reduce your time to market since you would be working with perfectly synchronized teams that have the right domain expertise and suitable grooming, thus saving time on training them afresh and speeding up time to competence.

Growth and profitability

As a result of the above factors you will achieve sustained growth and profitability at the same time. Since offshoring also contributes to cost effectiveness, you will see a consistent growth in your margins that directly contribute to successful accomplishment of your business goals.