Umbrella Services


Datamatics Group as an umbrella company solution is helping to ensure you’re always paid on time as a contractor. When you join Datamatics you become an employee with us and benifit from Day 1 employment rights. We are experts in offering hassle-free employment and payroll service for UK based fixed term Agency Contractors, Freelancers and Agencies. All of your administration will be dealt with, such as calculating your tax, National Insurance obligations and making payments to HMRC. Meanwhile, you’ll receive your wages quickly and accurately. If you have any concerns or queries, there’s always someone available to give you the advice you need.


The application process is quick and easy: you can choose between making an online application and a telephone assisted one.
There will be contracts signed between our umbrella company and employment agency contractor. A contract of employment is signed between the umbrella company and individual contractors
Once the payment from your agency is received, we will make the payment the same day, usually within an hour. We will deduct tax, national insurance contributions and umbrella services margin before paying the contractor through the PAYE system and a Payslip is issued detailing how their payment was calculated
As an umbrella company employee, you’ll be entitled to statutory rights such as Sick Pay, Paternity, Maternity Pay and leave as well as a pension, all subject to HMRC requirements.
We make Weekly/Monthly reports and tax payments to HMRC.
We are quick to respond to email and telephone enquiries.
We offer Professional indemnity (£5 Million), Public liability insurance (£5 Million) and Employee’s liability insurance (£10 Million).


  • Fully employed by the Umbrella company
  • No administration cost on set-up or ongoing
  • Usually comes with wide-ranging benefits
  • Text Notifications of when you get paid
  • Continued contributions to workplace pension schemes
  • Refer a friend incentive
  • Secure online portal to track and view your timesheets and payslips

Datamatics takes pride in its’ role as the employer seriously and will only operate within HMRC guidelines & regulations.